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We manage all legal and administrative aspects of the recovery process with no out of pocket expense to you.

Based in Colorado Springs, ICS handles cases throughout the United States.

SUBMIT YOUR JUDGMENT. We will review and send it to the right judgment recovery professional for collection. SUBMIT YOUR JUDGMENT for quick money!


Through our industry proven methods and nationwide network of judgment recovery specialists and attorneys, we have helped people like you recover millions of dollars. We successfully locate assets, seize them and convert those assets into payments toward your judgment.

Our Staff members are volunteers who actually operate their own judgment recovery business. With hundreds of inquiries per week, staff members simply don't have the time or resources to respond by telephone. Creating a staff to do so would force an increase in our membership fee which we have pledged to avoid.

How difficult is it to locate customers and obtain judgments?
You will be surprised at how easy it is to become overwhelmed with business! Most judgment recovery professionals have to limit the number of cases they actually accept.

Is there a lot of competition in this business?
Absolutely not! Judgment Recovery is a relatively new field. It is very likely that you will encounter little, if any competition at all! Should there be other judgment recovery specialists in your area, there is still pleny of business to go around.

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