What are my chances of being successful in a business of my own?
Good question! Not everyone is cut out to run his or her own business. While there is really no definitive way of knowing if you have what it takes, there are a number of entrepreneurial tests that can provide you with this insight.

How difficult is it to locate customers and obtain judgments? You will be surprised how easy it is to become overwhelmed with business! Most judgment recovery professionals have to limit the number of cases they actually accept. Why wouldn't a judgment owner enforce his/her own judgment? Most judgment creditors simply don't know how. Then, there are the problems associated with tracking the debtor, locating assets, etc...

Couldn't the Creditor hire an attorney? Sure, if he/she wants to pay a retainer, and a fee of between $100 and $200 per hour! Using our services, there is no out of pocket costs whatsoever.

What percentage of the cases I submit, can I actually expect to collect? That will depend on the size of the judgment and the criteria you place on your submission. 50% is a realistic figure for the experienced judgment recovery professional.

Why can't I contact you by telephone with questions about membership? Our Staff members are volunteers who actually operate their own judgment recovery business. With hundreds of inquiries per week, staff members simply don't have the time or resources to respond by telephone. Creating a staff to do so would force an increase in our membership fee which we have pledged to avoid. Questions addressed by email are automatically routed to the staff member best qualified to respond. All emails are promptly answered! It is your understanding and cooperation that helps keep our membership fee at a minimum.

Is this business dangerous? No. You never have to confront the debtor. Your investigations can be conducted in covert fashion. The debtor doesn't even have to know you are on his trail. There is absolutely no danger involved!

Does judgment recovery require a great deal of knowledge about the legal system? No. The JLMM course provides you with all the basics. Your knowledge of the legal system will increase with experience. Most judgment recovery specialists are neither attorneys nor paralegals.

Is there a lot of competition in this business? Absolutely not! Judgment Recovery is a relatively new field. It is very likely that you will encounter little, if any competition at all! Should there be other judgment recovery specialists in your area, there is still plenty of business to go around.

Can I work part time? Sure, by limiting the number of cases that you accept based on the time that you have available.

Is there any special license required for judgment recovery? There is no professional license specifically for the business of judgment recovery but some states require businesses to register their business name.

Are there any guarantees? Only you can guarantee your success in the business of judgment recovery, or any other business. However, we will guarantee to provide you with all the knowledge and information necessary to become successful.

Is judgment recovery legal in my state? Judgment recovery and the transfer of ownership is legal in all states, and over the years ICS Creditor Solutions has had members from all 50 states. Because of the opinion of certain State Bar Associations, there are a handful of states less accommodating than the majority.

Couldn't I enter this business on my own without becoming an ICS member? It may be possible, but you would have a tremendous amount to learn on your own. The JLMM course will provide you with all the necessary forms, agreements, and information needed to become successful as quickly as possible. The JLMM course has been compiled from the lessons learned from hundreds of actual judgment recovery cases. And, as a member, you will have the support and assistance of successful judgment recovery professionals.

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